1) Open Microsoft Word.

2) Click on File, then on New Document.

3) Click on Tools, then on Envelope and Labels.

4) Type in the recipient’s address under "Delivery Address:".

5) Click on Add to Document.

6) Click on File, then on Print.

7) Click on "¤ Current Page".

8) Click on Properties.

9) Click on the Paper tab.

10) Click on "¤ Landscape."

11) Click on Paper Size, then click on "No. 10 Envelope."

12) Be sure Paper Type is set to "Plain Paper."

13) Click on OK. Insert a blank envelope into the envelope slot on the Deskjet printer. (Note which way the flap on the envelope goes.)

14) Click on OK to print out the envelope.

15) You can save this recipient’s address by clicking on File, then on Save As. Type in a filename like "My Envelope.doc" (without the quote marks).

16) The next time you need to create an envelope, click on File, then on Open. Then click on the "My Envelope.doc" file, then click on Open. Change the entry in the Recipient’s name and address box to the new name and address. Then click on Print.

17) To change the position of the Return Address or the Recipient’s name and address, click on the Options button, then change the "From Top:" and "From Left:" entries.

18) To change the font, click on the Options button, then on the Font button for either the Recipient’s Name & Address or the Return Address (or both), then select the font you want.