1) Select the picture(s) you want to print, either in a “collection,” such as the 2009 Vacation Pictures collection, or in the main Photo Well window.

Note: To select more than one picture, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, then click on each picture you want to select. (You should probably limit it to a maximum of four or five pictures at a time.)

2) Click on File, then on Print.

3) Under Layout, click on       

¤ Individual Prints, or                                    

¤ Contact Sheet, or                                               

¤ Picture Package, then see the options below for each:

For Individual Prints, click on        

¤ 2.1 X 2.8 inches, or

¤ 3.5 X 5 inches, or

¤ 4 X 6 inches, or

¤ 5 X 7 inches, or

¤ 8 X 10 inches, etc.

For Contact Sheet, you can select more than 4 or 5 pictures-in fact, you can select up to 35 pictures. These pictures will print at “thumbnail” size on one sheet of 8 ½ X 11 paper.

For Picture Package, click on the Down Arrow and select the “package” you want. Each package will print out a set of 5 X 7, 2 ½ X 3 ½, 2 X 2 ½ prints of the same picture on each page. Click on the Left or Right Arrow buttons surrounding "Page 1 of 4" to see the next or previous page of prints, if you selected four pictures in step # 1 above.

4) Click on the tiny Up and Down Arrows next to Use each photo _1_ time(s) to increase or decrease the number of copies of the picture you print on each sheet of paper.

5) Be sure there is a check mark in the box next to ü Crop to Match Print Proportions. This will ensure that each picture will be cropped, either in landscape or portrait orientation, so that it fits correctly on the page.

[6) Remove the plain paper from the paper tray on your printer, then insert a piece of photo paper if you want to print on photo paper. It is generally a good idea to remove any sheets of plain paper you may have in the printer, because photo paper can stick to the top sheet of plain paper and misfeed into the printer. Also, it is best to print on only one sheet of photo paper at a time, if possible, because photo paper sticks together more readily than plain paper.]

7) Click on the Print button.