1) Type  in the Address box of the Internet Explorer or your favorite browser program, then press the Enter key on the keyboard.

2) Scroll down to near the bottom of the AOL home page, then click on Downloads in the left column.

3) Click on the Download Now button under All-in-One Software.

4) Click on the Save button. (Be sure to save the AOLDNLD.exe file to the desktop.)

5) Return to the desktop and double-click on the AOLDNLD.exe file. Click on Run. This will start downloading the complete setup file for AOL 9.1.

6) Close all open applications, including the Internet Explorer or your favorite browser program, then click on OK.

7) Click on the I agree button to agree to the legalese.

8) Click on Custom Install. Click on Next.

9) Click on the Select/Deselect All box twice to remove ALL the check marks. (You don't need to install anything else.)

10) Click on Next.

11) Click on Current Member.

12) Click on  Upgrading to a new version of AOL on this computer.

13) Click on Next.

14) Click on Upgrade this version of the AOL software when the computer shows you the C:\Program Files\AOL 9.0 folder (or the C:\Program Files\AOL 9.0a, b, c, etc. folder).

15) Click on Next.

16) Click on Next on the screen that says the new version will be installed to the C:\Program Files\AOL 9.1 folder.

17) Wait a few minutes for the AOL 9.1 program to be installed on your computer.

18) Click on Always Sign-on first on the screen that asks you if you want to have to sign on to AOL each time, which is strongly recommended.

19) Type your password in the Password box, then click on the Sign On button.