1) Type in the Address box of your favorite web browser.

2) Scroll down to near the bottom of the page and click on Downloads in the left column.

3) Click on the Download Now button in the AOL Computer Check-Up section of the web page.

4) Click on the Download Computer Check-Up Now button.

5) On the “Already have a Screen Name?” window, type in your Screen Name and Password, then click on the Sign In button.

6) Click on the Run button on the window that has the Run and Save buttons.

7) Click on the Run button on the Security Warning window.

8) Wait a few minutes for the Computer Check-Up program setup file,  ccu_install.exe file, to be downloaded and installed on your computer.

9) Click on I agree.

10) Click on the Launch button to open the Computer Check-Up program.

11) Sign in again with your Screen Name and Password.

12) Click on the Continue button.

13) Click on the Check Now button to begin checking your computer for problems.

14) Wait a few minutes.

15) Click on the Fix All button. The Computer Check-Up program will fix such problems as:

1) “Web browser cache settings may not be optimal…” – This means that the size of the temporary files folder on your hard drive used to store previously-viewed web pages is not set to the best size. An optimal size will make web browsing faster.

2) “Sun Java not installed…” – This means that Java is not installed or updated to the latest version. Java is a very versatile and efficient programming language used on web pages, cell phones, PDAs, etc. (To fix this issue, click on the Get Sun Java button, then on Install, and Accept separately.)

3) “Hard disk not defragged…” – This means that your files are scattered all over your hard drive. The Defrag or Defragment program will move the pieces back together to make opening your data or programs a little faster. (To fix this issue, click on Start Defrag, then on the Defragment button separately.)

4)  “No virus protection…” – Download & install Norton AntiVirus or the AOL  Internet Security program.

5) “No spyware protection…” – Download & install Norton, Spy Sweeper or the AOL  Internet Security program.

16) When the Computer Check-Up program has finished (and after doing the above steps separately, if necessary), click on the Close button.