1) Open your web browser, and type in the Address box. Press the Enter key.

2) Scroll down on the AOL web page, and click on Downloads at the lower left.

3) Under AOL Desktop Version 10.0, click on the Download Now button.

4) Click on Run.

5) Click on Run. Wait a few moments for the setup file to download onto your computer.

6) Click on OK.

7) Wait a few moments for the installation to begin.

8) Click on the I agree button.

9) Click on   Express Install (recommended) if you want to take the easy way out, or click on Custom Install if you want more control over what gets installed (see step # 11 below)

10) Click on the Continue button.

11) Click to remove the check marks next to:  

Install AOL Toolbar

Set as my Home Page

Enable FastStart for AOL Desktop

        and a few other items, or leave the check marks if you want these items.

12) Click on the Continue button.

13) Wait a few minutes for the installation to complete.

14) Click on the Launch button.

15) Click on the Sign In button to start AOL Desktop 10.0.

[16) If you dont already have a screen name, click on Get a Screen Name, then follow the directions on the screen.]

17) Otherwise, type your password in the Password box. (Click on Save Password if you dont want to have to type your password each time you want to sign on.)

18) Then click on the Sign In button.

[19) If you have a previous version of AOL on your computer, click on Set Up Now, then import your e-mail, Favorites and default settings from the previous version, if this window comes up on the screen.

20) Click on the Continue button. 

21) Click on the Continue button. 

22) Click on the Continue button.

23) Click on the OK button.]