1) Click on the Settings button at the top of the main AOL window.

2) Click on Screen Names.

Note: You can have up to 6 other screen names. You can delete any screen names you don't need except for your primary screen name, which is the screen name you created when you first signed up with AOL. The only way you can change your primary screen name is to cancel your account and start over again.

3) Click on Create New Screen Name under the main screen name.

4) Type in the answer to the security question, such as “What city were you born in?”

5) Click on Continue.

6) Add a new screen name.

7) Select the age category for this new screen name, such as General (Ages 18+), Mature Teen (Ages 16-17), Young Teens (Ages 13-15), or Kids Only (Ages 12 and Under). Click on Continue.

8) Type your desired password in the New Password: and Confirm Password: boxes. The password can be the same as the one for your primary account, as long as it is between 6-16 characters.

9) Click on Next. AOL will then tell you if that screen name is already taken. If it is, try another one. Keep trying until you get one that works.

10) Create an Account Security Question, such as What is your favorite food?, then type the answer in the Your Answer: and Re-Type Your Answer: boxes. Click on Continue.

11) Click on Finish.

Last updated: 7/30/2008