1) Open America Online 9.0.

2) Click on Write.

3) Click on Address Book on the right.

4) Scroll down and find the person you want to send this e-mail to and click once on their name.

5) Click on Send Mail.

6) Click on the X button to close the Address Book.

7) Type a subject in the Subject box.

8) Type a message in the large white box below the Subject box.

9) To attach a file to the e-mail message:

1) Click on Attach File at the bottom of the e-mail message composition window.

2) Click on the Down Arrow next to whatever is in the Look in: box, then click on the folder where the file you want to send is located–usually this will be the My Documents folder (or the My Pictures sub-folder, which is inside the My Documents folder).

3) Scroll down or sideways to the file, then click once on it.

4) Click on Open.

9) Click on the Send Now button to send the e-mail message.

10) Wait a few moments for the AOL program to send your e-mail message.