1) Turn ON the computer.

2) Push the Eject button on the right-front of the CD-ROM Drive.

3) Place the CD-ROM onto the center of the tray with the shiny-side down and the label up. [NOTE: Be sure an edge of the CD-ROM is not riding up on the rim of the tray at an angle! This could scratch the CD-ROM. Also, be sure to hold the CD-ROM by its edges so as not to put any fingerprints on the shiny surface. (Just one fingerprint or scratch can cause the CD to skip!)]

4) Push the Eject button on the front of the CD-ROM Drive again -or- push GENTLY on the front of the tray so that the tray goes back into the Drive. (The first method is preferable, because it results in less wear-and-tear on the Drive.)

5) If the CD-Player comes up on the screen, but the music does not start playing. Click on the Play button (Right-Pointing Triangle). [If the CD-Player doesn’t come up on the screen, click on the "Audio" program group in the Program Manager, then double-click on the Creative Labs CD-Player icon.Then click on the Play button.]

6) To shrink the CD-Player window down, click on the Downward-Pointing Arrow in the upper right-hand corner of that screen. (You can then listen to music while you are working in Quicken or some other program, or are browsing the Internet.)

7) To stop playing an Audio CD, press Alt-Tab (Tab, Tab, etc.) to bring the CD-Player window to the front, then click on the Stop button (the button with the Square on it).

8) After stopping the CD-ROM Drive, press the Eject button on the right-front of the CD-ROM Drive to eject the CD.