Note: This is a simple method to block a sender, but it is not as effective as using Norton AntiSpam or a similar program to block junk e-mail.

1) Click once on the e-mail message in your Inbox.

2) Click on Message, then on Block Sender.

3) Click on Yes if you want to remove all messages from that sender in that folder (i.e., the Inbox). Otherwise, click on No.

4) To see what senders are in your Blocked Senders List, click on Tools, then on Message Rules, then on Blocked Senders List.

5) If you want to remove someone from the Blocked Senders List, click once on the address, then on the Remove button. Then click on the Yes button.

6) To add someone to your Blocked Senders List, click on the Add button. Type the personís e-mail address in the Address: box, then click on OK.