1) Click on the Settings button at the top of the AOL window.

2) Click on Screen Names.

3) Click on Create under 2 or whatever number this screen name is.

Note: You can have up to seven screen names or sub-accounts under one account. You can delete any secondary screen names you donít need, but the primary screen name cannot be deleted. (The primary screen name is the one you chose when you first set up your America Online account.)  The only way to change the primary screen name is to cancel your account and start over again.

4) Type in your answer to the Account Security Question that you established when you first set up your account with America Online, such as ďWhat is your favorite food?Ē

5) Click on Next.

6) Enter the new screen name that you want, or select one that America Online recommends.

7) Click on the Continue button. America Online will then tell you whether that screen name is already taken. Repeat step # 6 if it is.

8) Select the type of sub-account this will be:

§ General

? Mature Teen

? Young Teen

? Kids Only

9) If this is a Master Screen Name, which allows you to do such tasks as create additional screen names under this new sub-account, or change the password for this sub-account, click to put a check mark next to:  Ł Master Screen Name.

10) Click on Next.

11) Type your desired new password in the New Password box. The password must be at least 6 characters in length and should include both letters and numbers. (Be sure to write down this password and keep it in a safe place away from prying eyes, in order to save time in the future if you forget it.)

12) Type the same new password in the Confirm Password box below.

13) Click on Next.

14) Click on Finish.

15) To sign on with your new screen name, sign off under the current screen name, then click on the Down Arrow next to Screen Name:, then click on the new screen name.

16) Type in your new password. (Click into the tiny gray box next to  Ł  Store Password, if you arenít concerned that someone else may use your computer to sign on to your America Online account without your permission. This saves you time, because you donít need to type in your password for this sub-account each time you want to sign on.)

17) Click on the Sign On button.