1) Click and drag over the text you wish to copy to either another document or another part of the same document. (To "click and drag", move the mouse until the I-beam cursor     moves to the left of the first letter of the text block, then hold down the left mouse button while swiping over the text until you get to the last character of the text block, then let go of the mouse button. This puts the text under black "highlighting". (The text is converted to white so that you can read it under the black areas.)

2) Click on Edit, then on Cut or Copy. (Cut removes the text from that place; Copy leaves a copy of the text behind while moving it to another location.)

3) Click with the left mouse button where you want to move the text to to put the blinking (flashing) cursor there. (Or open a different document, or even a whole different program, then click in it where you want the text to go.)

4) Click on Edit, then on Paste.



Hold down the Control ("Ctrl") key and then press the letter key once for each one of the commands below:

Control-A = Select All (selects your entire document)

Control-X = Cut

Control-C = Copy

Control-V = Paste.