Two Methods:

Method 1 - Using the Windows Explorer- (good method for deleting multiple files)

1) Open the Windows Explorer program by double-clicking on its icon on the desktop (the main screen). Or click on Start, then on Programs, then on Windows Explorer.

2) Scroll down on the left to the folder where your document is located (for example, the My Documents folder).

3) If you see a + sign next to the folder, it means that there is/are "sub-folder(s)" within that folder. Click on the + sign with the point of the pointer to see the sub-folder(s) on the right.

4) Click on the sub-folder (if any) where your file is.

5) Click on the icon for the file. 

6) Press the Delete key on the keyboard.*

7) Return to the desktop and right-click on the Recycle Bin.

8) Click on Empty Recycle Bin with the left mouse button.

9) If you wish to restore or recall a file that you deleted, double-click on the icon for the Recycle Bin, then click on the file and then on File, then on Restore. The file will be restore to its original location (folder).

[Note: To select (highlight) more than one file:

i) If the files are all together in one big block, click on the top file, then hold down the Shift key and click on the bottom one.

ii) If the files are all over the place (in the window pane on the right), hold down the Control key and click on each file.

iii) Then press the Delete key on the keyboard.]

Method 2 - Using the Open window- (this is the easier way)

1) Click on File, then on Open in any application or program you are in.

2) Click on the icon for the file you wish to delete.

3) Press the Delete key on the keyboard.

4) At the prompt, "Are you sure you wish to send the file "xxxxxxx.doc" to the Recycle Bin?", click on Yes.*


*If you wish to permanently delete the file, hold down the Shift key and press the Delete key once. Note the small circular red warning sign; this means that the files cannot be restored (brought back)!