Note: Your Temporary Internet Files folder stores copies of the web pages you’ve looked at recently on your hard disk, because it is faster to access these pages from your hard disk than it is to re-download them again from the Internet when you go back to view them a second (or third, etc.) time.

Note 2: If you have problems getting onto a web site (for example, your online banking or stock broker's web site) or if the Internet Explorer gets stuck on some indigestible web page programming code, it may help to delete the Temporary Internet Files.

1) Right-click on the big blue “e” icon  of the Internet Explorer on the desktop. (Do not right-click on any Shortcut to the Internet Explorer; you must click on the original “e” icon.)

2) Click on Properties.

3) Click to put a check mark next to: ü Delete all offline content.

4) Click on the Delete Files button.

5) Wait a few minutes for the computer to delete the Temporary Internet Files.

6) Click on OK.

7) Click on OK.