Note: This is the best way to e-mail a picture because it automatically makes every picture you send smaller in size so it doesnít print out on multiple sheets of paper on the recipientís end.

1) Double-click on the My Documents folder on the ďdesktop

2) Double-click on the My Pictures folder (or whatever folder has the picture you want to send).

3) Find the picture you want to send (for example, Granddaughter.jpg) and click once on it.

4) Click on E-mail this file on the left under File and Folder Tasks. This should automatically start your Outlook Express e-mail program. If you donít see E-mail this file, click once on the Folders button at the top of the window.

Note: If you still donít see E-mail this file on the left even after clicking on the Folders button, do the following:

1) Click on Tools, then on Folder Options.

2) Click to put a black dot next to: § Show common tasks in folders.

3) Click on OK.

4) You may have to close the My Pictures folder and then repeat steps 1 through 4 above (in the section above this Note) in order to see E-mail this file on the left.

5) Click to put a black dot next to: § Make all my pictures smaller.

6) Click on OK.

7) Address the e-mail message  in the usual way.

8) Type a subject in the Subject: box (optional).

9) Type a message in the large message area below (optional).

10) Click on Send.