1) Be sure to close any open programs on your computer first. If you don't, the CD Creator program may stop right in the middle of the back up process, and you will have to throw the CD-R disk away and start over.

2) Insert a blank CD-R disk in the CD-RW Drive with the label up and the blue (or coated) side down. The EZ CD Creator program should automatically start. If it doesn't, double-click on the EZ CD Creator icon on the desktop.

3) Click on the second entry down on the EZ CD Creator screen that pops up on the screen. (This is to make a Data CD.)

4) To specify which folders to back up:

1) Click on a folder that you want to back up (i.e., My Documents).

2) Click on the Add button. (You can also just click & drag the folders you want to back up from the upper right-hand side to the lower right-hand side of the window.) If you make a mistake, click on the folder, then click on the Remove button.

[3) If the computer says that the layout file doesn't match the actual files in the folder, create another layout file by clicking on File, then on Save As, then type in a new file name, such as MyBackup.cl4.*

The ".cl4" extension identifies this file to the computer as an EZ CD Creator Layout file.  (Note: That's a lower-case "L" between the "c" and the "4".)

4) Or you can click on the Yes button if the computer asks if you want to replace a layout file that already exists.]

5) After you have added the folders to the back up list, click on the Create CD button. [Wait for the computer to run a System Test, if it needs to, to verify that it can use the speed selected to transfer data from the hard disk to the CD-R disk.]

6) After the program has written the data to the CD-R disk (which can take 20 minutes or longer), click on File, then on Save to save the layout or list of folders you have selected in step 6 above.

7) The next time you want to back up the same folders, click on File, then on Open CD Layout. Then double-click on MyBackup.cl4 or whatever layout file you wish.

* It's a good idea to keep the file name to 8 characters or less.