1) Click on Start, then on Search.

2) If you don't see a box that says, "All or part of the file name:," then click on All files and folders on the left.

[3) Click on More advanced options, then click to put a check mark next to Search hidden files or folders, if you want to be sure you don't miss anything.]

4) Type the file or folder name (such as Letter Sterlington Fortescue) in the All or part of the file name: box. (You want to use the more unique parts of the file or folder name, such as Fortescue, and use as few words as possible. )

5) Click on the Down Arrow next to the Look in: box and then click on the correct folder that contains the, e.g., Letter to Sterlington Fortescue file, if you know which folder it is in, such as the My Documents folder. Otherwise, click on Local Hard Drives (C:, D:) if you want to search the entire hard drive(s).

6) Click on Search.

7) Note where the file is located in the In Folder column, such as the My Documents folder, if you want to be able to find the file in the future.