In the event that your computer freezes and the mouse and keys on the keyboard don't work:

1) Hold down the Control (Ctrl) and Alt keys and press the Delete key once.

2) Release the Ctrl and Alt keys.

3) On the Windows Task Manager window that pops up, click on anything that says "(Not responding)"- for example, "Microsoft Word (Not responding)".

4) Click on the End Task button.

[5) Wait up to 20-30 seconds and click on the second End Task button if one pops up on the screen.]

6) The program that is not responding should close down and allow you to return to the "desktop." Then you can go on to another task, or you can restart the computer by clicking on Start, then on Turn Off Computer, then on Restart.

7) If the program that is not responding doesn't close down, try the Ctrl-Alt-Delete key combination again. (You may have to do it twice or three times in a row.)

8) If the above doesn't restart your computer, look for the Reset button on the front panel of your computer and push it in briefly.

9) If the Reset button doesn't work or if your computer doesn't have a Reset button, then push the Power button.

Note: On some computers, you have to push the Power button and hold it in for 4 seconds or longer in order to turn off the computer. Then briefly push the Power button again to turn the computer back ON.

10) If the Power button doesn't work, then unplug the power cord from the wall outlet or surge protector, wait 5-10 seconds, and then plug it back in. Restart the computer by pushing the Power button again.