1) Click on the tiny Plus sign button [+] at the top of the Windows Sidebar.

2) Double-click on the Gadget you want to add, such as the Calendar, Clock, Contacts, CPU Meter (which measures the “load” on your Intel/Intel-like CPU chip), Currency Converter, Feed Headlines (the News from Microsoft’s web site), Notes, Pictures, Slide Show, Stocks, Weather, etc., or click on Get more gadgets online below.

1) If you clicked on Get more gadgets online, select the Category you want on the left, such as Fun and Games, Search Tools, Safety and security, etc.

2) Click on the Download button below the Gadget you want, such as the Alternative Radio Gadget or the System Control Gadget.

3) Click on the Desktop button at the left to save the Gadget installation file to your desktop.

4) Click on the Save button.

5) Click on the Close button.

6) Return to the desktop, then double-click on the, for example, AlternativeRadio.Gadget icon.

7) Click on the Install button.

8) To listen to radio stations, click on the Down Arrow next to the radio station, then click on KITS San Francisco, or whatever radio station you want to listen to.

9) Click on the Search button. This will start your web browser and show you the radio station’s web site.

10) Click on Listen Online on the radio station’s web site. (You may need to install some additional software to listen to the radio station.)

3) If you clicked on one of the Microsoft Windows Vista Gadgets, such as Calendar or Clock, you can customize the Gadget by clicking on the tiny Monkey Wrench button just to the right of the Gadget (the Monkey Wrench button is visible only when you move the mouse pointer near it). You can then change a setting for that Gadget, such as the type or style of clock that is displayed on the Windows Sidebar.