1) Lift the top cover on the HP Deskjet F4280  and place the original document or picture face-down on the scanning glass. (Insert the document in the lower right-hand corner of the glass with the top of the original to the right.)

2) Double-click on the HP Solution Center icon on the desktop

3) Click on the Scan Picture button.

4) Click on Picture to E-mail.

5) Click on the Scan button.

6) Click on the OK button.

7) Wait a few moments for the HP Deskjet F4280 to scan the document or picture.

8) Click on the Resize button on the small Button Bar at the upper right. The Resize button is the fourth button from the left. (You can move the mouse pointer onto each button to see what each button is.)

9) Click to select ¤ Percent Scale. Click on the Down Arrow next to 100% and then click on 50%.  (This will prevent the picture from printing on more than one sheet of paper on the recipient’s printer.)

10)  Click & drag the tiny “handles” (circles) at the corners of the “Selection Rectangle” in or out until the Selection Rectangle covers the area of the document that you want to keep.

            The Selection Rectangle:

11) Click on the Finish button in the lower right-hand corner of the window.

12) Wait a few moments for the Outlook Express program to open. You should see a blank e-mail message window with the scanned document attached to it. (You will see something like “scan0001.jpg” in the Attach: box.)

Note: If you want to see what the scanned image looks like, double-click on the scan0001.jpg in the Attach: box.

13) Address the message in the usual way.

14) Type a subject in the Subject box and a message in the large white box below (optional).

15) Click on the Send button.

16) To see if the message was sent, click on the Sent Items folder on the left. Check to see if the message appears in the window to the right.