Caution: Do not try to clear a paper jam from the front of the Officejet.

1) Turn OFF the Officejet and turn it around so you can see the back.

2) Push the buttons on either side of the Duplexer, then pull the Duplexer out.

Note: The Duplexer is the large attachment on the back of the Officejet that automatically turns the paper over so you can print on both sides.

3) Check inside the opening to see if there is a piece of paper jammed in the rollers.

Tip: You may have to use a flashlight to see inside the opening.

4) Gently pull the paper out from the rollers.

5) Check to see if there are any tiny pieces of paper that might have torn off the sheet of paper.

6) Use a pair of tweezers or needle-nose pliers, if necessary, to remove the tiny pieces of jammed paper.

7) Re-insert the Duplexer into the opening. Be sure you push it in with the rollers forward. Push the Duplexer in all the way until you hear a “click.”

8) Turn the Officejet around and try printing again.

Note: You may have to empty the Print Spooler to get the Officejet to start printing again.