1) Open Internet Explorer (6.0 or 7.0).

2) Type in the Address box, then click on Go (or press the Enter key on the keyboard).

3) On Microsoft’s website, click on Internet Explorer 8 under Popular Downloads.

4) Click on the Download Now button under Internet Explorer 8. 

5) Click on Download Now.

6) Click on Run on the download IE8-windowsXP-x86-enu.exe file web page.

Note: IE8-windowsXP-x86-enu.exe (or equivalent) is the installation or setup file for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

7) Click on Run to install Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.

8) Click to select either  ¤ I want to help improve Internet Explorer, or  ¤ I do not want to participate right now.

9) Click on Next.

10) Click on the I accept button.

11) Click to select ü Install updates to install updates to Internet Explorer.

12) Click on Next.

13) Wait a few minutes for Internet Explorer 8 to be installed.

14) Click on the Restart Now (recommended) button when it comes up on the screen.

15) After the computer restarts, open the Internet Explorer 8 program.

16) Click on Next.

17) Click to select the options you want, such as:

1) “Do you want to discover websites you might like based on websites you’ve visited?”

     ¤ Yes, turn on Suggested Sites,

or  ¤ No, don’t turn on.

Click on Next.

2) For other options:

     ¤ Use express settings:

Search Provider (for example, Google or Windows Live Search), Search Updates, Accelerators (maps, language translators, blogging, search), SmartScreen Filter (to warn you of scam websites), Compatibility View (for web pages that appear “broken”), etc.,

or ¤ Choose custom settings, then select each option you want for the above. Click on Next after you select each option.

18) Click on the Finish button when you are finished selecting the options you want for your Internet Explorer 8 program.

Note:  See Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8  website for more information on the new features in Internet Explorer 8.