1) Insert the USB Camera Cable connector into the bottom or side of  the Digital Camera. (The other end of this cable should be plugged into any free USB port on the computer.)

2) Turn ON the Digital Camera.

3) Click on Import Pictures using Windows on the window that pops up on the screen.

4) Click on the E: Drive icon (or whichever drive has the icon for the Camera or Camera Memory Card).

5) Click on Import.

6) Click on Import.

7) Wait for the pictures to be imported from the Digital Camera into a folder with the year, month and date on it (such as 2008-9-25).

8) To find the pictures again later:

1) You can either click on the Recently Imported icon on the left, or,

2) Click on the Date Taken folder, then click on, for example,  2008, then on September, then on the date the pictures were imported (such as September 25, Thursday).

9) To return to seeing all of the pictures on your hard drive, click on the All Pictures and Videos icon at the upper left.

10) See our Windows Photo Gallery instructions for tips on editing your pictures, e-mailing pictures, "burning" the pictures to a CD and so on.