Note: In order to be able to see both the left and right edges of the page and the margins, click on 100% at the upper right-hand part of the Button Bar at the top of the  window, then click on Page Width. [This is called the “Zoom Level.”]


1) The indentation settings are indicated by the tiny Triangle buttons on the Ruler Bar at the top of the Microsoft Word window. The top Triangle indicates the first line's indentation, and the bottom Triangle indicates the indentation for the rest of the paragraph. (Those tiny little "hash marks" on the Ruler indicate 1/8" increments.)

The Left Indentation Triangles: 

2) To change the indentation, click on Edit, then on Select All to highlight the entire document. (This is a very important step! Otherwise, the indentation will be different throughout the document.)

3) Click on Format, then on Paragraph.

4) Change the Left and Right Indentation values (in inches). The Right Indentation is set by the tiny Triangle button on the right:

The Right Indentation Triangle: 

5) You can change the indentation of the first line of every paragraph if necessary by doing the following:

1) Click on the Down Arrow under Special:.

2) Click on First Line.

3) Change the value (in inches) in the By: box. (A good value to use here is 0.5”.)

6) Click on OK.


1) The margins are indicated by the short gray vertical lines under the Triangle buttons. These short lines separate the white area of the Ruler Bar from the dark gray areas outside the margins.

Note: Unfortunately, you cannot usually see the short vertical line on the Left Margin very well, because it is covered by the Top and Bottom Triangle buttons. You can temporarily click & drag the Top and Bottom Triangle buttons to the left or right a short distance, if you cannot see the Left Margin indicator, then move the Triangle buttons back after you have changed the Left Margin.

2) To change the margins, click on File, then on Page Setup.

3) Change the values for the Left and Right Margins. (The usual value for both is either or 1.25”).

4) Click on OK.