1) Click on Start, then on Settings, then on Control Panel. Double-click on Fonts.

2) Be sure that there is a check mark in the box next to "Copy fonts to Fonts folder".

3) Click on File, then on Install New Font.

4) Scroll down and double-click on the "windows" folder (which is under the C:\ Drive folder).

5) Double-click on the "system" sub-folder, which is under the "windows" folder.

6) You will see the percentage next to "Retrieving font names" gradually increase from 0% to 25% and up through 94%, until finally it reaches 100%. You will then see a list of all the fonts in your "system" sub-folder.*

7) Click on the Select all button.

8) Click on OK.

9) It may stop on any font in the list above and say something like "Antique Bold is already installed. If you wish to install a new version, remove the old version first." Just click on OK each time it does so.

10) After running through all the font names, it will stop. Click on OK.

11) Close this window and the Control Panel window and return to the desktop.

12) Restart the computer and then check your Microsoft Works or Word program to see if all of your fonts have returned.

*You can also install fonts that may be found in any other folder in the same way, i.e., if there are fonts in your graphics program folder, just select the folder where the graphics program is found instead of the "C:\windows\system" folder in steps 4 and 5 above.