Note: The LiveUpdate program is part of Norton (or Symantec) products, such as Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton SystemWorks, Norton AntiSpam, Norton 360 and Norton Password Manager. It connects your computer to Symantec's web site to update the list of new viruses and download new program updates (to fix bugs and improve certain features) for Norton products. You should run the LiveUpdate program at least once a month, although you can usually set up your Norton product to automatically update itself on a scheduled basis.

1) Open the Norton program that you want to update.

2) Click on the LiveUpdate button.

3) Click on Next> .

4) Wait a few moments for the list of available updates to appear in a window. You should see updates like the following:

Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions  (the list of new viruses; there are something like 10 new viruses introduced by virus-writers every day).

Symantec Common Driver: SymEvent

Symantec Security Software Update

Symantec Trusted Applications List

5) Click on Next> .

6) Wait about one minute to half-an-hour or longer (depending on the speed of your computer and how fast your Internet connection is) to download and install the updates that your Norton product(s) needs.

7) Click on Finish when this button comes up.

8) If the following appears on your screen, “Some of the updates you have downloaded and installed require you to restart your computer. Please save any unsaved data, then press OK,”  click on the OK button.

9) Wait for the computer to shut down and then automatically restart.

10) When you see the “desktop” again with all of your icons, you can check your e-mail or go on to other tasks.