1) Click on Tools, then on Mail Merge.

2) Under "1. Main Document," click on the Create button. Then click on Mailing Labels.

3) Click on the New Main Document button (for a blank document).

4) Under "2. Data Source," click on the Get Data button, then on Use Address Book.

5) Click on Personal Address Book.

6) Click on OK at the "Choose Profile:" window.

7) Click on the Set Up Main Document button. Click on the line that reads, "#2162 Mini-Address."

8) Click on the Insert Merge Field button, then successively on "First Name," "Last Name," "Address," "City," and so on, each time adding a Space, comma, or Enter as needed. (You may want to start by first pressing the Enter key and then the Space bar a number of times to center the address on the label.)

9) Click on Query Options. Under "Field:," click on the Down Arrow button and click on "Last Name." Next to "Compare to:," type in "Smith" or the name you wish to print out.

10) Click on the Merge to New Document button. Click on Merge. (You can freely delete, modify and add names and addresses on this new document, then print out the labels.)

11) Click on Window on the Button Bar, then on "Document 2" or whatever the form letter document is called (be sure to save it to some filename that you can remember if it says "Document x"), to return to the Form Letter document containing the merge field labels ("<<First Name>>" "<<Last Name>>" and so on).

12) Delete <<Next Record>> for the second and third labels down on the page.

13) Click on the << >> button to see the merge fields with the actual names/addresses.
                                    A B C

14) Click on File, then on Save As. Title this document something like "My Labels."

[15) The next time you want to use this label file, click on Options, then on Remove Header or Data Source.]