Note: Use this procedure if a friend, relative or business associate tells you that they’ve been sending you e-mail, but they haven’t been receiving any replies from you. You should do this maybe every three or four weeks. (You may have to check your ISP's [Internet Service Provider's] spam-blocking program or service, too.)

1) Click on the Norton AntiSpam button at the top of the Outlook Express window.

2) Click on Open Norton AntiSpam.

3) Click on the Norton Internet Security Add-on tab.

4) Click on Settings, if you don’t already see:

Web Browsing

Ad Blocking

Pop-up Blocking

Privacy Control


Norton AntiSpam.

5) Under Email, click on Norton AntiSpam.

6) Under Norton AntiSpam, click on the Configure button.

7) Click on Blocked List on the left.

8) Scroll down to see if there are any entries in Blocked List that shouldn’t be there, such as any of your friends or relatives.

9) If you see an entry that shouldn’t be in the Blocked List, click once on the entry, then click on the Delete button below.

10) Scroll down and see if there are any more entries that shouldn’t be in the Blocked List. Repeat step # 9 if there are.

11) When you are finished, click on OK.

12) Close the Norton Internet Security program.