NORTON ANTIVIRUS 2003/2004/2005


1) Double-click on the Norton AntiVirus 200X icon on the desktop.

2) Click on Scan for Viruses.

3) Double-click on Scan my computer.

4) If the computer reports that it has found a virus, click on Repair File or Delete File.

(Note: Delete File is better, but if it is an important Windows 98/ME system file, or if it is a file you are not familiar with, you should click on Repair File instead. If it is a non-critical file such as a Microsoft Word document that you don't need to save or that you can type in again, then click on Delete File.)

5) Click on Close when the program is finished.

Note: To scan a floppy disk, double-click on Scan a floppy disk instead in step 3 above.


1) Sign on to your Internet Access Provider first (e.g., America Online, Earthlink, etc.), unless you have Cox@Home, Road Runner, or a similar High-Speed (i.e., always on) Internet access provider.

2) Double-click on the Norton AntiVirus 200X icon on the desktop.

3) Click on the LiveUpdate button at the top of the window.

4) Click on Next.

5) After the computer links up with the Norton web site, click to put a check mark next to "Virus Definitions" and "NAV Program Updates" (and whatever else you need) in the "List of Available Updates."

6) Click on Next.

7) Wait about 1-5 minutes for the downloading and installing of the updates to complete.

8) Click on Finish.

9) Close the Norton AntiVirus program.

Note: You should run a virus scan on your computer at least once a month, more frequently if you have had a virus before. (You should download the list of new viruses at least once every two weeks or so.) Be sure to scan all floppy disks before you use them. Then mark on the label that you've scanned it so you don't waste time doing it again. (Just mark "VOK" and the date, or something like that.)