Note: Microsoft Works is an all-in-one program. It has a word processor that is like a stripped-down version of Word and that is compatible with Word, a spreadsheet program that is similar to Excel, and a database/address book program.

1) Open Microsoft Works.

[2) Click on Start a new blank Word Processor document.]

3) Click on File, then on Open.

[4) Click on the Down Arrow next to whatever is in the Look in: box, then click on the My Documents folder icon, unless you are already looking at the files in the My Documents folder.]

5) Click on the Down Arrow next to Files of type:, then click on All files (*.*).  Otherwise, you will only see the Works documents in the My Documents folder.

Note: Works documents have the .wps  “extension.”  Word documents have the .doc extension. (The “extension” is the last three characters of the file name, after the period.)

6) Find the Word file that you want to open (for example, Letter to the Editor.doc).

7) Click once on the Letter to the Editor.doc document icon, then click on the Open button.