1) If you are using Photo Paper, insert the paper into the printer.

Note: You should remove all of the plain paper you have in the printer first, because Photo Paper can stick to the plain paper if it is placed on top. Also, it is better to use one sheet of Photo Paper at a time, if possible.

2) Double-click on the My Documents folder on the "desktop."

3) Double-click on the My Pictures sub-folder (or wherever your pictures are located).

4) Click on Print this picture on the left hand side of the window. If you cannot see the View as a slide show, Order prints online, Print this picture, etc. commands on the left, then click on the Folders button at the top of the window.

5) Click on Next >.

6) Click to put a check mark in the tiny square    in the upper right-hand corner of every picture you want to print out. You can print more than one picture on each sheet of paper. For example, you can print out three 4" X 6" pictures on one 8 " X 11" sheet of paper if the three pictures are cropped and rotated, which usually occurs automatically.

7) Click on Next >.

8) Under What printer do you want to use?, select your printer (for example, the HP Deskjet 5650) if it is not already selected.

[9) Click on the Printing Preferences button, then make the changes you want, such as:

Print in grayscale
Paper type or size
Landscape or portrait, etc.]

10) Click on Next >.

11) Select the type of printouts you want, such as Full Page Prints (Full Page fax print, Full Page photo print), Contact Sheet (35 prints per page), 8 X 10 in. prints, 5 X 7 in. prints, or Wallet prints.

12) Click on the Up or Down Arrow to select the number of times each picture is printed out (for example, for a Wallet print, select 4 or 6 times).

13) Click on Next >. Wait for the prints to be printed out.

14) Click on Finished.