1) Click on View, then on Master, then on Slide Master

2) Click on the frame of the Title text box, if any, with the Four-Headed Arrow cursor:  

3) Click on Format, then on Font.

4) Change the color by clicking on the Down Arrow next to the black rectangle under Color:, then click on the color you want. (Click on the More Colors… button to see even more colors.)

5) Click on OK.

6) Click on the frame of the main text box on the slide (below the Title text box), if any, then repeat steps 3 through 5 above.

7) Click on File, then on Save to save the changes you have made.

8) To return to all of your slides, click on View, then on Normal. You should see one of your slides in the middle with “thumbnails” of all the slides in your presentation on the left.

9) Click on Insert, then on New Slide. 

10) Type some text into the Title box and the text box below to see if the text color has changed to what you set it to.