1) Push the tiny oval black button on the front of the CD-ROM Drive. (The button will be on near the right edge of the front of the CD-ROM Drive.)

2) Insert the CD containing the PowerPoint slideshow into the CD-ROM Drive. Be sure the CD is in the center of the depression in the tray and not riding up on a ledge around the center part of the tray.

3) Gently push the tray back into the CD-ROM Drive (or push the button on the front of the CD-ROM Drive again).

4) Wait a few seconds for the D: Drive (or whatever drive letter is your CD-ROM or DVD Drive) window to appear on the screen.

5) Double-click on the .pps or .ppt  file you see (for example, Company Presentation.pps).

6) This will automatically start the PowerPoint program and begin the slide show.

7) To move to the next slide, press the Enter key on the keyboard or click the left mouse button.

8) To go back to a previous slide, press the Left Arrow key on the keyboard.

9) To end the slide show, press the Esc key on the keyboard.*

10) To remove the CD, press the tiny rectangular or oval button on the front of the CD-ROM Drive. Wait a few moments for the CD to slow down and stop spinning, and for the tray to come out.


* You can also click on the Large Arrow button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, then click on Next [Slide], Previous [Slide], or End Show.