1) When you download an attachment that has .pps appended to its filename (for example, My vacation slides.pps), you have downloaded a PowerPoint file. PowerPoint is a  program made by Microsoft for creating and viewing slide show presentations. You can use the free PowerPoint Viewer program to view these files if you don't have the full-blown Microsoft PowerPoint program.

First, here’s how you download the attachment:

1) Open the e-mail message that has the attachment. (It will have a tiny icon of a paper clip both in the column to the far left in the message header in the Inbox of Outlook Express and on a button to the far right of the text area of the e-mail message.)

2) Click on Save Attachments.

3) Be sure that the Save in: location says, “My Documents.”

4) Click on Save.

2) To view the PowerPoint file, return to the “desktop” and double-click on the My Documents folder icon.

3) Scroll down and double-click on the My vacation slides.pps file (or whatever the file name is).

4) To view the next slide, click once with the left mouse button.

5) To quit viewing the slide show, press the Esc key on the keyboard (it’s in the far upper-left hand corner of the keyboard).