1) Click on Start, then on Settings, then on Printers.

2) Double-click on the Add Printer icon.

3) Click on Next.

4) Click on Local printer.

5) Click on Next.

6) Insert the floppy disk containing the printer software into the floppy disk drive.*

[7) Click on Have Disk.

8) If it says, "A:\" under "Copy manufacturer’s files from:", then click on Browse.

9) Click into the File Name box and type in the file name highlighted below that box (e.g., "hpcf103.inf", "epsonst.inf" or equivalent).

10) Click on OK.]

11) Be sure that your printer and printer model are listed, then click on OK.

12) Type in a name for this printer or accept the one listed in the box.

13) Click on Yes, if you want this printer to be the main (default) printer used by Windows-based programs on this computer.

14) Print out a test page if you want to check the connection between the computer and the printer. Click on Finish.

15) Click on Yes if the test printout is acceptable.

*Or insert the Windows 98 into the CD-ROM drive. (The Windows 98 CD contains the printer software for some older printers, like the HP Deskjet 500.) Skip to step 11 and continue.