<on Intuit's Web Site>

1) Type in www.quicken.com button at the top of your browser window and then press Enter.

2) Click on the My Portfolio button when you arrive at the Quicken.com web site.

3) Click on Edit: Portfolio.

4) Click on My Portfolio (or whichever portfolio you want to edit if you have more than one.)

5) Click on Edit Portfolio.

6) Click into the first box that is empty (under Stock Name).

7) Type in the symbol of the stock.

8) If you don't know the symbol:

1) Click on "Look up a stock or fund symbol."

2) Under 1. Select a type, click into the white circle next to: Stock, Mutual Fund, Index, or Any, to put a black dot there (depending on what it is).

3) Enter a full or partial name (e.g., Lucent).

4) Click on Search.

9) Once you find out what the symbol is (e.g., LU), click on the X button to return to your portfolio.

10) Type in the symbol (e.g., LU).

11) Press the Tab key to get across to the next box.

12) Type in the number of shares you own [optional].

13) When you are finished, click on Add More if you want to type in more stock symbols, or click on Finished.

14) Click on Finished.