TO REINSTALL AMERICA ONLINE 9.0 (if you are having problems with AOL):

1) Insert the AOL 9.0 CD into the CD-ROM Drive. (Press the tiny button on the right side of the face plate on the CD-ROM Drive to eject the tray. Gently push the tray back in after inserting the CD in the exact center of the circular depression in the tray.) If you don't have an AOL 9.0 CD, go to, then click on Downloads near the bottom of the left column on their web site. Download the AOL 9.0 or 9.1 setup file into your computer, then double-click on it to start the installation process.

2) Wait until the installation window comes up on the screen.

3) Click to select:  No, I already have an AOL e-mail address.

4) Click on Next.

5) Click to select: Upgrading to a new version of America Online on this computer.

6) Click on Next.

7) On the Most recently used version window, click on the most recently used version of AOL (check the date), then click to put a black dot next to: Upgrade this version of the America Online Software.

8) Click on Next.

9) On the Select Destination Directory, be sure it says, C:\Program Files\America Online 9.0a (or b, or c, etc.)

10) Click on Next. Wait a few minutes for the new version to be installed.

11) Be sure the Location: shows Home, or Broadband (if you have a Cable Modem from Road Runner).

12) Click on Sign On.

13) After you sign on, check your e-mail and other features to see if they are working.

14)  Click on Sign Off, then on Sign Off.

15) Close the AOL program.

[16) Leave the AOL 9.0 CD in the CD-ROM Drive, then restart the computer.

17) If the computer asks if you want to play Audio CDs with the AOL program, click to remove the check mark next to: Play Audio CDs.

18) When you next restart the computer, you can eject the AOL 9.0 CD.]