Note: Symantec changes their subscription renewal process all the time, so you may see some discrepancies in these instructions. Please make the appropriate changes as needed.

1) Click on the LiveUpdate button at the top of the Norton AntiVirus window.

2) When the Subscription expired window comes up on the screen, click on Next. This will take you to the Symantec (Norton) AntiVirus subscription renewal web site.

3) Click on the Continue button on the page that has “United States” and “English” on it.

4) Click on Continue (next to the Symantec product that has expired).

5) Click on the Renew button.

6) Be sure that Credit Card shows in the Method of Payment box, then click on Continue.

7) Type in your e-mail address in the E-mail Address box and your password in the Password box, then click on Continue. (If you don’t remember your password, click on Forgot your password, then follow the directions on the screen.)

8) If you have an account already with Symantec, it will come up. If you don’t, then type in your desired password for this web site and pick a secret question (such as “What was the make of your first car? Or “What is your favorite sport?”). Type in your answer (such as “Chevrolet Camaro” or “Baseball”).

9) Type in your Billing Information, such as your First Name, Last Name, Address, E-mail Address, etc.

10) Type in your Computer’s name, such as “Bob,” “Pentium 4,” or “Dell.” (It doesn’t matter what you type here, but you should record it somewhere.) Click on Continue.

11) Type in your Credit Card number and the Expiration Date.

12) Click on the Continue button.

13) Click on Submit Order. (Click just once on this button; otherwise, you might be charged more than once.) The cost should be about $24.95 or $29.95 if your version of Norton AntiVirus is only one or two years old.

14) Wait for the download of the various updates to your Norton AntiVirus program to finish, such as the Norton AntiVirus Virus Definitions [the list of new viruses], Norton Internet Security Security Updates, etc.

15) Click on Next.

[16) Click on Restart, if this comes up on the screen.

17) After your computer restarts, check the Expiration Date (or Renewal Date) on the Status screen in Norton AntiVirus (or whatever other Norton program you just renewed a subscription to). It should show a date one year from now.]

18) Click on the Finish button. You should then see, “Your subscription has been successfully installed!”

19) If you want to see the order summary, click on View Order Summary. To print it out, click on the Print button.

20) Click on Finish.