Note: This is how you can change the “screen resolution” or the size of the icons and text on the screen. Make the icons and text as small as possible so that you don’t have to scroll up and down so much on, for example, a web page or a Microsoft Word document. Usually, the smaller the text, the sharper it is. There is a “native resolution” that is the best resolution for that particular monitor (according to the manufacturer). This resolution will be in the manual that came with the monitor or may be on the menu that appears on the screen when you press the Menu button on the monitor. (See # 4 below for the native resolution for your monitor.)

1) Right-click on the desktop anywhere there is no icon or button.

2) Click on Personalize.

3) Click on Display Settings at the bottom.

4) Click & drag the slider under Resolution: to the left to make the icons and text larger, or to the right to make them smaller.

Note: The higher the resolution, the smaller the icons and text. For example, for a 20” LCD Flat-Panel monitor, the best resolution is 1,600 X 1200 pixels (dots per inch), but you can set the resolution to something lower if you want the text and icons to be a little larger and easier-to-read.

Note 2: It’s a good idea to remember or write down the number of pixels before you make any changes, so you can go back to the previous setting if you don’t like the new settings. (Or see # 6 below.)

Note 3: Here are the native resolutions for different monitor sizes:

15” monitor = 1,024 X 768 pixels

17”-19” monitor = 1,280 X 1,024 pixels

20” or larger monitor = 1,600 X 1,200 pixels

5) Click on the Apply  or OK button.

6) Click on the Yes button at the prompt, “Do you want to keep these display settings?”

Note: If you don’t click on the Yes button before about 20 seconds pass, the resolution will automatically revert to the previous setting.

7) Click on OK.

8) Close the Personalization window by clicking on the X button in the upper right-hand corner of the window.