1) Open the Retrospect Express HD program. (Click on Start, then on All Programs, then on Dantz, then on Retrospect Express HD.)

2) Click on the Restore button.

3) Find the backup that you want to restore (by the date). Be sure that it says, “Local Disk (C: )”  next to the correct date. This will bring up the restore file containing all of the files on the internal hard drive.

4) Click on Next.

5) Wait a few moments for the computer to recreate the list of folders in the C: Drive restore file.

6) Scroll down and click on the folder that contains the file you want to restore, then click in the box next to the file you want to restore (such as Letter to Phil.doc).

7) Click on Next.

8) At the prompt, “Restore your files to:,”  click on one of the following:

¤Their original location

¤ The following location:  Desktop\My Documents\My Restored File\Restore1*

Note: If you want to make the file easier to find, click on the second option.

9) Click on Restore.

10) Wait a few moments for the computer to restore the file.

11) To find the restored file if you clicked on the second option in step 8 above, return to the Desktop, then double-click on the My Documents folder, then on the My Restored File folder, then on the Restore1 folder. You should see the restored file on the right.

* your version of Retrospect Express HD may have slightly different folder names