Windows Vista Home Premium

Note: The Power button is the red button that appears at the right when you click on the round Start button. The Power button can be set to completely shut down your computer or put it into the Hibernation mode (see # 4 below for what Hibernation mode means). The button looks like this:


1) Click on the round Start button, then on Control Panel on the right.

2) Double-click on Power Options.

3) Click on Choose what the power button does on the left.

4) Under Power button settings, click on the Down Arrow next to whatever is in the box next to When I press the power button, then click on Do nothing, Hibernate, or Shut Down.

Do nothing = does nothing.

Hibernate = saves all open windows to the hard disk and shuts down the computer. This saves more electricity than putting the computer into Sleep or Standby mode. (Also, the computer starts up faster than if you select Shut down.) Press the physical Power button on the tower or laptop to resume where you left off.

Shut down = closes all open windows and completely shuts down the computer.

5) Also, choose one of the following:

   § Require a password (recommended) - select this if you don't want someone to see your desktop when the computer comes out of Hibernation mode.

   § Donít require a password Ė select this if you donít care if someone can see your desktop when the computer comes out of Hibernation mode.

6) Click on Save Changes.

Note: You may have to shut down and restart the computer before the change takes effect.