Note: The Spy Sweeper program will remove "spyware" from your computer. Spyware tracks where you go on the Internet and sends this information to marketers or hackers. This can slow down your computer, mess up your Internet access, and/or prevent your computer from starting up or shutting down properly. Spyware is usually surreptitiously installed on your computer when you download and install "free" programs, such as the KaZaa music downloading program or the IncrediMail e-mail program, but it can also be installed on your computer just by visiting certain web sites.

1) Click on the Yes button on the window that pops up asking if you would like to download a newer version of Spy Sweeper.

2) This will take you to the Webroot web site. (Webroot is the manufacturer of the Spy Sweeper program.)

3) Click on Click here to register.

4) Fill in the registration information in the appropriate boxes, such as your name, e-mail address, and so on.

5) Click on the Submit button.

6) Return to your e-mail program and look for an e-mail message from Webroot.

7) Write down the Product Key number in the e-mail from Webroot which is going to look something like this:


8) Click on the link in the body of the e-mail that looks something like this:


9) Click to save the sspsetup_1_86567.exe file (or equivalent) to the Desktop.

10) Return to the Desktop, then double-click on the sspsetup_1_86567.exe file's icon.

11) Follow the instructions on the screen.

12) Type the Product Key number in the appropriate box when the setup program asks for it:


13) Click on Finish when the computer is finished installing the new version of Spy Sweeper.

14) To run the program, see our instructions on running the Spy Sweeper program.