My "Start" button is now up in the upper left (or right or top) of the screen. How can I get it back down where it used to be? :

1) Move the mouse pointer onto the "Task Bar" anywhere in the gray area (where there is no button or icon). The Task Bar is the gray bar that contains the "Start" button, the clock and all those tiny icons next to the clock.

2) Hold down the left mouse button and drag the Task Bar down in an arc to the bottom of the screen.

3) Let go of the left mouse button when you see a "phantom" horizontal line appear about 1/2" from the bottom edge of the screen.

4) If the Task Bar is too "thick," move the tip of the mouse pointer right on the edge of the gray area (i.e., the upper edge of the Task Bar) until it changes into a black double-headed, vertical arrow. Then hold down the left mouse button and drag the edge down until the Task Bar's height is about 3/8", or about as wide as your pinky (little finger).