1) Open Windows Explorer. (Right-click on the Start button, then on Explore.)

2) Double-click on the My Computer icon.

3) Double-click on the Local Disk (C: ) icon.

4) Double-click on Documents and Settings folder.

5) Double-click on the folder that has your name, such as John Smith.

6) Double-click on the Start Menu folder.

7) Double-click on the Programs folder.

8) Double-click on the Startup folder. The program icons you see inside the Startup folder are the programs (some hidden) that start automatically when you first turn on the computer. The icons of some of these programs will appear in the "System Tray" next to the clock in the lower right hand corner of the screen (like Norton Anti-virus or McAfee VirusScan).

9) Click on any other Program Group folder (for example, Microsoft Office or America Online).

10) Click and drag the icon for any program inside that Program Group folder to the Startup folder with the right mouse button (for example, Microsoft Word).

Note: The program icon is usually the most colorful and distinctive icon in that Program Group’s folder.

11) When you release the right mouse button, click on Create Shortcut(s) Here.

12) Close down all the windows that are open.

13) Restart the computer by clicking on Start, Turn Off Computer, then on Turn Off. The program icons you put in the Startup folder should start automatically when you turn on the computer again.