1) Push the rightmost button on the CD-ROM Drive.

2) Wait a few moments for the tray to come out. 

3) Insert the Streets & Trips CD in the center of the tray. (This CD is in the blue, rectangular box that contains the Microsoft Works Suite CDs, such as the Encarta Encyclopedia CD.) 

4) Push the front of the tray in gently (or press the rightmost button again). 

5) Double-click on the Streets & Trips icon on the “desktop,” if the Streets & Trips program doesn't automatically start. 

6) Type in a place name, such as San Diego in the Location box. (The text in the Location box is already highlighted in blue, so you can start typing San Diego right away without clicking into the box.) 

7) Wait a few moments until you see a map of San Diego. 

8) Click & drag a small Selection Rectangle around the area you want to zoom in on (for example, the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego) by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the mouse down and to the right. Release the mouse button.  

9) Click once in the middle of the Selection Rectangle with the Magnifying Glass cursor with the plus sign in it  (  +  ) to zoom in on that area. 

10) For driving directions to another city, click into the Location box and type a second location, such as Pasadena

11) Click on the Get Directions button. 



1) Click on File, then on Print

2) Click to select the type of map or driving directions you want to print out. 

3) Click on OK.