Note: This procedure will download patches and update the Windows XP, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, and the Outlook programs to make them more secure against hackers. It has no effect on your Norton AntiVirus program, which you should be updating, too (unless it is set to automatically update itself).

1) Click on the balloon that periodically pops up on the screen in the lower right-hand corner that says, "New Updates are ready to install. Click here to install the updates..."

2) Click on Install.

3) Wait a few moments for the updates to be installed.

4) If the computer tells you that it needs to be restarted, click on Yes to restart the computer.


TO MANUALLY UPDATE YOUR WINDOWS XP (if Automatic Updating has been turned off, i.e., you never see the balloon pop up on the screen, or if you hear about a new virus and want to protect your computer immediately):

1) Click on Start, then on All Programs, then on Windows Update.

2) Wait a few moments for Microsoft's Windows Update web page to appear.

3) Click on Scan for updates.

4) Wait a few moments for Microsoft to scan your computer to see which updates your computer needs.

5) Click on Critical Updates and Service Packs on the left if it doesn't automatically show you the Critical Updates and Service Packs you need.

6) Click on Review and install updates.

7) Click on Install Now.

[8) Click on Yes or OK if your computer tells you that you must install a particular update separately from the others you need.]

9) Click on Accept.

10) Wait a few minutes for the update(s) to download and install.

11) Go back to step 3 above and repeat for the other Critical Updates you need unless they have been installed all at once.

12) Restart your computer if your computer tells you that it needs to be restarted.