CREATING DECIMAL TABS IN MICROSOFT WORKS 3.0/4.X/5.X  (to make currency amounts line up neatly in a column):

1) Highlight the area where you want the decimal tabs by clicking and dragging with the mouse across and down the paragraph or section of your document.

2) Click on Format, then on Tabs.

3) Type in 4.5" (or whatever position on the ruler where you want the decimals to line up).

4) Click into the small white circle next to "Decimal Tab" to put a black dot into it.

5) Click on OK.

6) Click on View, then on All Characters.

7) Remove all of the Tabs (represented by right-pointing arrows ) and Spaces (represented by dots ........) between the Item name and its currency amount by clicking and dragging the cursor over them and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard.

8) Press the Tab key once. The currency amounts should line up with their decimals under the 4.5" mark on the Ruler (or wherever you specified in step 3 above).

9) To remove the decimal tab for a line not requiring it, click anywhere on the line to put the blinking (flashing) cursor there, then click on Format, then on Tabs, then on Clear Tab. Click on OK.

10) Be sure to click on View, then on All Characters again to hide the right-pointing arrows (representing Tabs) and dots (representing Spaces) in your document.