Note: WEP*  is the older, more complicated and less secure way to set up encryption on your wireless network. Some older wireless networking equipment cannot use WPA, so you must use WEP.

1) Follow steps 1 through 10 in the Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Setup instructions, or follow the instructions to set up other Wireless Routers and Access Points.

2) At step 11, substitute the following:

11) Click on the Down Arrow next to Security Mode and change it from Disabled to WEP.

12) Click on the Down Arrow next to WEP Encryption, then click on 128 bits 26 hex digits if you want a more secure network, or on 64 bits 10 hex digits if you want a slightly easier to set up network.

13) Type your desired password in the Passphrase box, then click on the Generate button.

14) Notice how 10-character keys (if you clicked on 64 bits 10 hex digits) or 26-character keys (if you clicked on 128 bits 26 hex digits) will automatically appear in the four boxes below.

15) Write down the 10 characters or 26 characters you see in the Key 1 box. The Key is going to look something like this:


This long number is what you should type in on your laptop or desktop when it asks for your “WEP Encryption password” during the wireless network card setup process.

* WEP stands for “Wired Equivalent Privacy” and WPA stands for “WiFi Protected Access.”   WiFi is a set of wireless product compatibility standards.